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CIEDA is about making inclusive change and transformation happen in a creative and inclusive way through both inclusive design and inclusive decision making. It isn’t just about benefiting a single person, country or organisation but about what we can achieve together if we get agile, community focused and make the positive impact we all dream about at a pace of change which actually yields real results for everyone, everywhere.

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We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the pace of positive change for inclusion and inclusive environments

What We Do

CIEDA is a non-profit organisation all about inclusion, creativity and learning. We have set out to create a community of bright minds across the world who learn about embedding inclusion, accessibility and equality into the very fabric of their work and their everyday whether through informal education or through CIEDA accredited organisations and trainers. The key to CIEDA’s success is the application of our approach to STEAM subjects which include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture and Mathematics.

CIEDA utilises six key, but very different concepts which allow the organisation to intersect at lots of different points concurrently thereby making positive change with the onus being on speed of change. Our ultimate aim is to help to shape a sustainable and inclusive relationship with the planet for everyone whether through systemic change via inclusive design and inclusive decision making or individual action developed from automatically designed inclusion and equality. CIEDA recognises that climate action needs urgent remedy, and our initiatives are designed to help a paradigm shift occur but also to look at longer term development which will help any change stay in place permanently.

Our Mission

  • CIEDA is about including those excluded from Inclusion.
  • CIEDA flourishes on the hedgerows between creativity and inclusion.
  • CIEDA is about creating thriving creative inclusive environments by design.
  • CIEDA is about helping the designers of our world tap into market-based mechanics for solving problems.
  • CIEDA is about creating a world where we all automatically demand better by making sure the designers are already innovating for us all.
  • CIEDA works to promote and support individual change as well as systemic change to help combat climate change and environmental protection.
  • CIEDA is sustainable and we balance our actions with the needs of today, the needs of the future and we understand the consequences of our actions in everything we do.

Get Involved.

CIEDA is a non-profit with strong, real world, ethics to help support and develop creative inclusive environments embedded, in the right way, for everyone, everywhere.

If you like the sound of our mission and would either like to become a member of our global community or support CIEDA more directly as a Friend or as a Committee member please let us know.

How You Can Be Part of the CIEDA’s Work

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CIEDA flourishes on the hedgerows between creativity and inclusion

CIEDA is an inclusive environments organisation that grows on the hedgerows between creativity and inclusion. We are an organisation about making change happen not just talking about positive change and we work to include anyone excluded from the science, technology and innovation of inclusion.

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Introducing CIEDA’s Project Wigwa

Introducing CIEDA’s Project Wigwa

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Introducing CIEDA’s Uusi Tyyli

Introducing CIEDA’s Uusi Tyyli

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