CIEDA’s Huluku – An International Art and Design Competition All About Inclusion & Diversity Launching Soon

To celebrate the launch of CIEDA, a non-profit dedicated to helping the World make creative and more inclusive design decisions, we have created Huluku which means ‘create’ in Swahili.

The Huluku competition is all about inspiring creative inclusion in the digital art and design world and will be of interest to digital artists and creative designers from all fields of digital art and design to get involved with.

The aim is to showcase and promote the development of inclusive digital art, which can then be added to stock libraries to truly reflect our World.

A recent issue for the UK government highlights why this is important. Their design team chose an illustration for a COVID-19 poster campaign which featured three images in a row. The first showed a family scene with a male figure with his feet up on the sofa. The other two then showed female figures cleaning and looking at children. We recognised the challenges of finding good quality and representative illustrations immediately and decided that enough is enough – there is a real and urgent need for better art that can be used by organisations, business, government and individuals so that when they produce ad campaigns, for instance, there is already a high level of amazing stock library content waiting to be used by everyone, representing everyone.

The competition will run over the summer months of 2021 and will be open to everyone, right around the World. There will be a range of great prizes and an opportunity to for the best entries to be collated into a fantastic art book as well as for the winners to have their work made available free for people around the World to use and to take inspiration from.

Check the website for more details on how to enter in the coming weeks.