Projects & Initiatives 

CIEDA has a unique model of six key concepts which unpin our mission statement and the work we do. They help bridge the gap between creativity and inclusion and raise awareness of the role we all play as designers of our world who can include or exclude with every design decision we make.

CIEDA Learning

Helping to create the next inclusive designers.

CIEDA Collective

A global membership designed to support fast paced change in inclusion, inclusive environments and climate change action.

CIEDA Accreditation

A quality mark certification for learning, education and training.

CIEDA Inclusive Data

Designing, collecting and sharing data to create amazing benefits for all.

CIEDA Huluku

A creative arts and design prize to showcase digital art which reflects our society in amazing ways.

CIEDA Uusi Tyyli

A design movement to showcase creative inclusion in everything a designer creates.

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CIEDA’s Certification & Accreditation

CIEDA has devised accreditation marks across four different certification areas:

  • The Inclusive Designer and their products/services
  • Formal and Informal Learning Environments
  • The Trainers who provide the courses and content
  • Inclusive environments and/or inclusive spaces themselves

Whilst certification and accreditation is popular for sustainability and the built environment there is nothing that provides a quality mark for inclusive environments and inclusive design. CIEDA’s accreditation marks are designed to be challenging to gain and inherently contains a truly aspirational quality that is often missing in existing sustainability marks which tend to be designed to be reasonable and achievable rather than to make a robust statement which people will recognise and aspire to hold (and maintain).

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Robust, & Credible Certification

CSR or Corporate and Social Responsibility is often nothing more than a tick box exercise and CIEDA’s accreditation marks are intended to provide a route to certification for those who are passionate about inclusion and tenacious in their desire to improve.

Join the CIEDA Collective - A Global Membership Designed To Support, Encourage & Accelerate

The CIEDA Collective is a global network of people who are keen to be part of a successful community drawing on collective knowledge and working towards common goals. We are a collective of globally minded students, creatives, designers, artists, decision makers, industry professionals and academics who recognise that the individual can only get so far, naturally understand the importance of working towards common goals and who want be part of an agile and lightweight network of people looking to improve the world through good design, creative inclusion, inclusive technologies and accelerating innovation.

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Support CIEDA

CIEDA is an organisation with lots of ambition and a clear plan to help increase the pace of global change through the tools of inclusion, creativity and education.

If these themes are something you are involved with or just passionate about and you would like to see how you can get involved beyond membership, please check out this page.

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Volunteer to be on CIEDA’s Advisory Committee or become a Friend of CIEDA.

There are two amazing ways that people can directly and positively influence CIEDA. This is through the Advisory Committee and the Friends Of CIEDA Network.

Both offer a valued role in the organisation and provide the individual with the ability to help CIEDA evolve and improve.

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Help Fund CIEDA’s Work

Like a lot of organisations, we are regularly seeking funding for our projects and initiatives. If you are part of an organisation or group that would like to assist CIEDA then we would be pleased to hear from you.

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